You don’t have to travel to feel on the other side of the world

Chef Panithit

It was in November 2012 that Siam and its famous Thai cuisine were born. For the sake of providing an authentic experience, the owner couple brings in a renowned chef directly from Thailand to lead the start-up of the restaurant and development of the menu. Our famous crispy chicken (or tofu) from chef Panithit has, among other things, been named in his honor and his grandmother who is behind the secret of the recipe.

Our two Siam restaurants proudly hold the prestigious Thai Select Premium certification awarded by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. This certification confirms the integrity of the techniques and ingredients unique to this cuisine, which is considered a national pride and heritage.

Between tradition and modernity

The design of our restaurants has been carefully thought out down to the smallest detail. At first glance, you will be impressed by the awe-inspiring effect of our spaces with their high ceilings, pendant lights, gigantic Buddha, frescoes, etc. Our decor combining tradition and modernity will transport you immediately to Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Symbol of peace and prosperity, the elephant and the Buddha hold an important place in Thai culture. You can find them everywhere in the decor of our restaurants.



Our restaurant on the south shore is located in Brossard in the heart of Quartier DIX30. A vibrant and unique place where you can find shops, restaurants, theaters, hotels, spa, gyms, indoor surfing and skatepark, and much more. Our restaurant offers a most grandiose decor with its 20 feet tall ceilings and hanging Thai lights. In summer, you will certainly appreciate our magnificent terrace with a view of the central fountain!

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Discreetly located in the heart of downtown, a few steps from the Bell Center, our restaurant welcomes you in a most spectacular contemporary Asian decor. Our two gigantic Buddhas and our tropical-colored stairs will certainly impress you. In summer, discover our charming and colorful terrace while sipping a refreshing cocktail.

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A passion for authenticity and quality.

Our menu offers a varied choice that will appeal to both the explorer and the Thai cuisine best fan. To start your Siam experience, try one of our fresh and crunchy salads or our tasting platter composed of various starters. Then, choose from our tasty curries, our stir-fried dishes in a wok or our signature noodle and rice dishes. Finally, it’s impossible to resist our delicious homemade desserts, including our famous sticky mango rice.



Exotic cocktails and a carefully selected wine list.

Specially designed by mixologist Laurence Picard, Siam’s cocktail menu is one of a kind. You will find aromas of fresh lemongrass, coconut, mango, chili, lychee, and more